3,200 Storage Units

50+ Unit Sizes

Over the last 4 decades, Kuvera has developed one of the largest independently owned & operated self-storage facilities in the U.S.

Hollywood Storage Center

Our property has earned its reputation as a clean, safe, friendly place for people to store the things they love. Since entering the market in 1982, we’ve reshaped customer expectations of the storage experience. By offering a wide range of personalized services 7 days a week in a meticulously maintained environment, we’ve become a hub for the Conejo Valley community and set a new standard for the industry.

Wine Storage

As a service to local wine enthusiasts, wineries, restaurants, and retail stores, we offer climate and humidity-controlled storage cabinets specially built to preserve wine quality and value. The storage capacity of these secure spaces ranges from two cases to hundreds. As a convenience, wine orders can be shipped directly to us and held in a secure location until guests are ready to move them to their personal wine units.

Vault Storage

Designed to serve guests with valuable collections, artwork, and antiques, The Vault is a climate-controlled, high-security area with individually alarmed units. Access is controlled by ID checks, system recording of entries and exits, and double-bolted locks. Each unit requires two keys – one held by the guest and the other by Hollywood Storage Center management.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Hollywood Storage Center is the only storage facility in our area to offer bank-issue safe deposit boxes. Guests typically use the boxes to store jewelry, coin or stamp collections, as well as important paperwork such as passports, titles to cars or houses, wills, birth certificates, and more. Available in two sizes, the boxes are located inside The Vault, and their access is controlled by the same safety protocols.

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