Kuvera Culture

At Kuvera, culture is front and center and everyone is involved in shaping it. We make a conscious effort and invest in connecting people so they can operate cohesively across geographic boundaries. We’re constantly evaluating how we do things. That’s how we maintain a great environment that is key to attracting and retaining great people.

Living Our Core Values

We’ve translated each of our Values into Core Values Behaviors (CVBs). Our CVBs collectively guide how we enjoy our work (Make It Fun), how we do our jobs (Roll Up Your Sleeves), how we handle changes and obstacles (Keep Moving Forward), how we carry ourselves (Honor Your Word), and how we interact with others (Walk In Someone Else’s Shoes). When everyone is living our Core Values, we inspire each other to be our best selves and to keep the organization thriving.

Our Guest Service Philosophy

Our Guest Service Mantra, “Love Our Guests! Every Guest, Every Time,” is at the heart of all we do. It informs how Team Members apply our Core Values Behaviors (CVBs) to their interactions with Guests. People choose to spend time and money with us. We want to make sure their experience is everything they hoped it would be… and more. That’s how we fulfill our Brand Promise.

Continuous Improvement & Fun

We take pride in our culture and rely on Team Member feedback to improve and keep work fun. Twice a year, we survey our entire staff on topics such as recognition, teamwork, service, and quality. Managers meet with their groups to review the results, and together select areas of focus. They then work on action plans and share their successes across the organization. As a result, the overall Team’s sense of pride, motivation, and commitment is strong.

Collaborating For Results

At Kuvera, all thoughtful ideas are welcome. We use an inclusive process that taps into talents companywide to analyze and refine ideas. Project planning and implementation is also handled as a group to achieve the best solutions for our organization. This intensive teamwork allows us to quickly adapt to changing conditions. Inviting diverse opinions and expertise to the table also fosters our ability to innovate.

Fun to the Core

What We Do