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In the last decade, Kuvera has grown substantially, developing new brands and opening more locations in popular tourist markets

Hollywood Wax Museum

Opened in 1965, Hollywood Wax Museum is the longest-running wax museum in the United States. Our brand’s celebration of celebrity gives guests the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with their favorite movie stars and pop culture icons. Visitors walk right up to the stars in open sets and take creative, shareable photos, making Hollywood Wax Museum an Instagram-worthy experience. We currently have four wax museums in the United States.

Aquarium at the Boardwalk

Aquarium at the Boardwalk is all about fish and fun. Guests plunge undersea on a 5D ride and travel through fantastical worlds as they make their way back up to the surface. Through enchanting views of 250+ species, playful photo ops and activities, they make a lasting connection with sea life, along with fun memories. We opened the Aquarium in November 2020 as the first phase of our Branson Boardwalk development.

Hannah's Maze of Mirrors

Mirroring the fully immersive experiences of our other attractions, Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors invites guests to find out if they are “The Chosen One.” Their quest is to save the once-vain Princess Hannah from forever being locked in the maze. The original modern fairy tale unfolds as fun seekers make their way through the 288 potential turns and mirrored archways. Each of our three mirror maze adventures features its own take on the story.

Outbreak Dread the Undead

Outbreak is a thrill-a-second haunted attraction that puts guests in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. A military experiment gone wrong has turned test subjects into undead mobs. Guests scream through labs, storage areas, the morgue and basement to escape the same fate. Using the latest animatronics and live scares, the experience bombards guests with sights, sounds, and smells that blur the lines between fiction and reality. Outbreak is open year-round in two markets.

Castle of Chaos

Guests are brought into a whole new reality in this 5D attraction. Once they buckle up, put on their 3D goggles, and grab their laser blasters, they’re in for a non-stop, shoot-em-up ride that’s fun for all ages. Although seated during this wild adventure, players feel like they’re speeding, skidding and crashing through new worlds as they shoot for the highest score. Castle of Chaos is available at two of our entertainment centers.

Guinness World Records Museum

At this Ripley’s franchised property, guests not only find out about worldwide feats of human potential, they get to play, dance, drum, jump, throw, and scream their way to the top of the leaderboard. Each themed area has fun challenges, photo ops, videos and exhibits that inspire visitors to see how they measure up to real record holders. We’ve been welcoming guests on Hollywood Boulevard since 1991.

Shoot for the Stars Mini-Golf

Fun is par for the course as guests putt through palm trees, parties, and paparazzi guided by their wisecracking agent on the 18 steps to becoming a star. Their rise to fame puts players in famous places and comical situations as they meet their own celebrity hairdresser, movie director, limo driver, and more. The Branson, Missouri attraction leaves guests feeling like A-listers, no matter how they scored.

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