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Storage as a Landmark


Event in the post-REIT era of storage, typical storage facilities are not designed to attract attention or contribute to the look and feel of a community. Storage buildings tend to look either industrial or lack any kind of significant visibility at all.


Kuvera Storage’s approach is radically different. We view the design of a storage facility much like we see our attractions. We strive to create buildings with strong presence, which enhance the theme and branding of our locations. Thus the archways at Hollywood Storage Center were inspired by Paramount Studios. We also incorporate architectural elements that actually add to the appearance of the area. The goal is for our facilities to become eye-catching landmarks and centers of activity in the community.

Further, we employ proven techniques to layout the site, plan the unit mix, and design the interiors and exteriors to offer a positive customer experience and distinguish ourselves from the competition. Our detailed execution includes items such as: light poles adorning the front of the facility on which we hang seasonal banners year-round; Hollywood street names throughout the property; and, themed wayfinding signage.