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    Arnold Schwarzenegger stopped by to shake hands with Raubi Sundher after shooting a promotional spot for the Academy Awards. His star on the Walk of Fame is located right outside the Guinness Museum, next to Judy Garland’s.
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    Michael Jackson was honored for breaking three Guinness World Records in what became his biggest public appearance in Hollywood next to getting his star on the Walk of Fame. Raubi Sundher accepted five of Jackson’s Gold Records and Cassettes, which have been displayed inside the museum ever since.
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      Tej Sundher stepped out onto the red carpet with Samuel L. Jackson… well… his wax figure at the Hollywood Wax Museum in Gatlinburg.
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        Hollywood Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Leron Gubler and Walk of Fame Producer Ana Martinez-Holler accepted a check from Tej Sundher for $15,500 to help repair and restore the Walk of Fame.
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        Hugh Hefner and his cadre of Playmates were welcomed to the Hollywood Wax Museum by Raubi Sundher for the unveiling of his wax figure.
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    America’s Next Top Model contestants, shown here with Tej Sundher, were challenged to fool Wax Museum patrons into thinking they were wax figures.

The founder of Kuvera Partners, Spoony Singh, earned acclaim in Western Canada as a skilled entrepreneur who was equally successful in building and operating sawmills as creating an amusement park with trampolines, go-carts, pinball machines and a restaurant.

In 1964, Singh traveled from Victoria, British Columbia to Hollywood, where he didn’t see a single celebrity. Inspired to bring the stars back to Hollywood Boulevard, Singh assembled a collection of celebrity wax figures for the public to enjoy. He selected the location across from one of the first movie theaters in Hollywood and opened on February 26, 1965 to a line extending a half-mile down Hollywood Boulevard. Tickets were $1.50

As a master of networking and marketing, Singh spent the next 22 years establishing the museum’s world famous reputation and training his sons in all aspects of the business. During this time, the Hollywood Wax Museum became the most visited indoor attraction on Hollywood Boulevard, and Spoony became a fixture in the press.

This solid foundation enabled today’s Kuvera Partners to set their sights on growing and updating the business and seeking new opportunities. Since Spoony’s son, Raubi Sundher, became Managing Partner in 1987, Kuvera has completely renovated the original Hollywood Wax Museum, extended the brand, and more than tripled its assets. The Hollywood Wax Museum continues to be an icon of Hollywood and is featured regularly on television and film.