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Los Angeles and Hollywood experienced a significant downturn after the 1992 Rodney King Riots and the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. Tinseltown was tarnished and tourism had reached an all-time low. The shine on the Walk of Fame stars had literally and figuratively diminished while runaways and the homeless population swelled. Famous establishments that formerly hosted the Hollywood elite faded into the background as “schlock shops” stepped into the spotlight. Although the Hollywood Wax Museum and Guinness World Records Museum were still the most visited indoor attractions on Hollywood Boulevard, the integrity of the town and the sustainability of the community’s tourism trade was in question.


By 1996, it was clear to Managing Partner Raubi Sundher that Hollywood needed a facelift and a unified approach to bring tourists back into town. Having saved a local landmark five years earlier, Raubi now actively sought participation in the first Business Improvement District experiment and stepped up to encourage his neighbors and competitors east of Highland Avenue to financially support the new board. Although our attractions drew local visitors and enough traffic to maintain the businesses, Raubi was firm in his commitment to partnering with others to create real and lasting change that would benefit the entire community. Raubi became a founding member of the Hollywood Entertainment District which is now one of the oldest property-based BIDs in the state of California. Funded by more than 180 property owners, the group was instrumental in restoring a clean and safe environment and setting the tone for Hollywood’s revitalization success story.