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Rebranding with Signage


With a world-famous name and recognizable presence on Hollywood Boulevard, the Wax Museum’s sign has always been an icon for Tinseltown. The original red and white British-style marquee from 1965 was replaced in 1987 with a gold and blue backlit sign designed to resemble a moving reel of film. As the Museum was approaching its 40th anniversary, we recognized the need for a sign that would capture the attention of tourists on the boulevard while also creating a hallmark to represent our brand into the future.


In 2006, we secured the approval and permits from the City of Los Angeles to install a 50-foot blade sign that casts a red, white and blue glow from Highland Avenue to McCadden Street (nearly ½ mile). Using 1,532 incandescent lightbulbs and 1,189 feet of neon, the animated sign was designed with a retro 1950s look to pay tribute to the era when wax museums were novel and plentiful in America. At the same time, the intensity of the sign attracts attention and conveys the sense of modernity and excitement that set the tone for our show. The new sign has already been featured prominently in TV and Internet montages about Hollywood.