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Increasing Visibility


Consistent with our strategy of creating a highly-recognizable presence for our attractions, we designed and built “Mount Hollywood” when we opened the Hollywood Wax Museum in Branson in 1996. The unique façade met our goal by making our building the most photographed in the area. Over time, we have continued to monitor our exterior appearance and market share compared with other attractions. As a result, we decided that our existing landmark needed longer-range visibility to attract the attention of drivers on the main road.


Since Branson visitors primarily drive through town, we wanted to add to our existing landmark with a high-impact image that could be seen from 1,500 feet away. Additionally, we chose to remain consistent with our brand offerings in other markets and to create a revenue-generating photo opportunity for guests once inside the Museum. With these elements in mind, we crafted a New York City skyline with a scaled replica of the Hollywood Sign and added a giant ape in the lobby where patrons can stand inside the hand for a keepsake photo. This new façade instantly captures the imagination—even from a significant distance—allowing visitors to pull into the parking lot before passing the building.