World's Tallest Living Man Visits Hollywood Guinness World Records Museum

Guinness World Records Museum prepares for upcoming exhibit featuring record holder Sultan Kosen, officially the world’s tallest living man Since 2009

Guinness Record holder Sultan Kösen found an amusing way to show off his world’s largest hands with Hollywood Guinness Museum owner Tej Sundher.Guinness Record holder Sultan Kösen found an amusing way to show off his world’s largest hands with Hollywood Guinness Museum owner Tej Sundher.

HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. (MAY 14, 2013) – Turkish farmer Sultan Kosen, who holds the current GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® title as the Tallest man living at 8’- 3”, visited the Hollywood Guinness World Records Museum (6764 Hollywood Boulevard) today to prepare for an upcoming exhibit, as well as meet and greet tourists on Hollywood Boulevard.

In addition to being the tallest living man, the 30-year-old Kosen holds the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS designation for the Largest hands on a Living Person at 11.22” from the wrist to the tip of the middle finger. While in Hollywood, a mold was created from Kosen’s world-famous hands for a future display at the Guinness World Records Museum. Although he previously held the record for Largest Feet (at 1’-2” on left and 1’-1.98” on right), it has since been broken by Moroccan Brahim Takioullah (at 1’-3” on left and 1’-2.76” on right).

“We are thrilled to welcome Sultan to Hollywood and to give guests the opportunity to interact with a record holder of such huge stature,” said Tej Sundher of Kuvera Partners, the company that has owned and operated the Hollywood Guinness World Records Museum since it opened in 1991.

Kosen reached his unusual height as the result of a condition called pituitary gigantism, which comes from growth hormone production. In his case, the pituitary gland was damaged by a tumor that caused the release of too much growth hormone. Although he has undergone surgery to halt his growth, Kosen has continued to grow since measured under GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS guidelines and awarded the record in 2009.

While in Southern California, Kosen will also participate in the Anatolian Cultures & Food Festival at the Orange County Fair & Event Center, starting tomorrow, May 16, and running through Sunday, May 19. Volunteers from the Festival distributed flyers to promote the fourth annual event hosted by The Pacifica Institute. In addition to taking pictures with the record holder, festival goers will be able to explore interactive exhibits of Turkish cities including Kosen’s hometown of Mardin. For tickets and information, visit

For updates on Sultan’s Guinness World Records Museum display, visit, or for discount tickets, go to

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS (GWR) is the universally recognized global authority on record-breaking achievement. First published in 1955, the annual GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS book has gone on to become one of the biggest-selling copyright titles of all time, selling over 2.7 million copies a year. Since its launch nearly 60 years ago over 130 million copies - including 400,000 ebooks - have been sold in 20 languages, in more than 100 countries. The internationally renowned brand is also available across a number of platforms; GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS global television shows are watched by 750 million viewers annually, over 390,000 users subscribe to GWR’s two dedicated YouTube channels, the global website receives 12 million viewers annually and the brand has 1.25 million fans on Facebook. In 2013, OFFICIALLY AMAZING became the registered trademark of Guinness World Records Limited.

One of the best things to do in Hollywood since 1991, the Guinness Museum is a top LA attraction, vividly showcasing records, from the great to the gross, in a fun up-close look at pop culture, sports, space, technology, animals, natural phenomena and, of course, the limits of human potential. The Hollywood Guinness World Records Museum is located directly across Hollywood Boulevard from the world-famous Hollywood Wax Museum.

Based in Los Angeles, Kuvera Partners is a privately-held corporation with interests in the attractions, self storage and real estate industries. Founded in 1965 with the creation of the Hollywood Wax Museum, the company's history of success is the result of its ongoing research and continual development of resources and relationships.

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