Castle of Chaos Named One of the World's Best New Attractions

Castle of Chaos Named One of the World's Best New Attractions

November 20, 2009

Castle of Chaos was named one of the best new attractions in the world by the International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions (IAAPA) at its annual conference in Las Vegas this week, announced owner/operator Kuvera Attractions.

The 21st century haunted adventure merges state-of-the-art 3D with heart-pounding motion, special effects, animatronics and gaming for the first-ever 5D interactive haunted experience in the world. Visitors enter an enormous castle to discover the fate of 1920s horror film star Carli Winepeg and her crew, who mysteriously disappeared while shooting the planned epic film Castle of Chaos. Once securely buckled into armchairs with 3D glasses on and pistols ready at their sides, guests are spun into Carli’s tortured world and forced to protect themselves from its terrifying inhabitants.

According to Partner Tej Sundher, “The IAAPA award was based on the excellence of the interactive technology and is one of the highest accolades in this industry at a global level.”

Inside Castle of Chaos, the 24 seats are affixed to a five-ton rotating platform that has ten engines and achieves a top speed of 15 rpm. There are sequences that include total darkness, wind, water, smoke, and foul scents, among other effects.  Each player racks up points shooting at rats, bats, and zombies, and the top five scorers are shown on the screen at the end of the ride.

Castle of Chaos is located in the Hollywood Entertainment Center (3030 W. Hwy. 76) at the center of the strip in Branson, MO. For more information, visit

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